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Harry Whelchel

How To Grow SQLs By 30% Without Cold-Calling, Endless Follow-Ups, Or Spending A Dime More On Ads.

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Alright so in this training, I’m going to show you the 3 steps to increase your sales qualified lead count by at least 30% without cold-calling, endless follow-ups, or spending a dime more on ads.

This strategy was used at multiple firms over the last 6 months. Here were the results:

  • Landing Lion saw a 57% increase.
  • SharedSpace saw a 36% increase.
  • Mag-nificent saw a 650% increase.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about you and your current situation.

Maybe you have a great product, a growing customer base filled with happy and successful people, and a scrappy team making it happen,

But you are struggling to accelerate growth.

You know that if you can grow faster you can attract larger customers and top talent. Maybe you want to make sure that the next round is on your terms or oversubscribed.

With that being said, you see that customer acquisition costs are increasing across the board.

It's getting easier and easier to switch from your product to another product. Ad, content, and social noise in your industry continues to rise.

All making it harder for you to acquire a customer—and to keep them.

From your own use of online stores like Amazon, you realize that for more and more purchases, you prefer a self-guided process with all the information at hand, when you need it, in an easy to consume way.

No salesperson required.

Maybe you know there is a gap between your buyers’ expectations and your sales experience, but you don’t know what steps to take to close it.

This means if you want to drive new business, your funnel needs to be optimized from end-to-end to create the easiest, fastest, best buying experience possible.

If you tried to rework your funnel, invest in content marketing, hire “rainmakers”, or increase your Facebook Ad spend, but still didn’t get any results, don’t worry. It’s not your fault…

There are a lot of tools out there that don't properly meet your B2B lead generation needs...

Who is this for?

Pay attention if you:

  1. Have built your marketing funnel that predictably generates leads and appointments but haven't figured out live-chat's role in the process, or
  2. Have traction and you are looking for ways to accelerate growth, or
  3. Are a marketing or sales leader responsible for hitting a quota of sales qualified leads each month and you need new and better ways to reach your goals.

Now before we get into the meat, I want to share with you the core concept.

If you can internalize this, everything will be much easier for you and things will work.

Here it is: Halve your sales cycle and double your sales.

Here's how that works.

Sales Velocity is a metric that measures the effectiveness of your funnel and the pace at which you are making sales. 

It's measured in dollars per day. So if your sales velocity is $20,000 / day that means you are adding, on average, $20,000 in MRR a day to your funnel.

The shorter your sales cycle, the higher your sales velocity. If you can shorten your sales cycle by 50%, you will double your sales velocity.

Here's exactly how the relationship works.

The shorter the sales cycle, the higher the sales velocity

And according to our research, case studies and results:

The fastest way to do this is with something called a Chat Funnel. 

So this is the key concept. If you don’t know what a Chat Funnel is, just stick around and we'll explain.

Who are you and what makes you qualified?

My name is Harry Whelchel. I’m a software engineer turned full-stack marketer.

Not that it really matters, but I hold an Economics Degree from The University of Virginia.

I’ve worked for VC-backed B2B startups (SalesLoft), had Fortune 500 clients (Bed, Bath & Beyond), and built a profitable SaaS business (ChirpyHire).

So with that out of the way, let’s get to the juicy 3-Steps.

Step #1 - Use a series of chatbots to initiate conversations with qualified site visitors.

Case Study: Before Isiah Hill from Landing Lion was using chat auto messages on his website, he was generating 21 qualified leads a month. After he used chatbots on his website he began generating 33 highly-qualified leads a month.

This was more than a 50% increase.

How did he do it?

Before he started using chatbots on his website, people were signing up for free trials, but the vast majority of site visitors were not.

Then, Isiah and his team added chatbots to the site. He was able to attract and engage visitors who traditionally just stopped by the site and left. He could capture their information, then qualify and warm up his prospects.

What’s a chatbot?

Think of it like a five-star hotel concierge capable of greeting every site visitor twenty-four seven—not pushy or in the way, but always within arm's reach if your customer needs assistance.

Lots of your qualified site visitors are a good fit for your product but are not ready to fill out a contact form or see a demo. A chat conversation can help them get to that point.

What's a Chat Funnel?

A Chat Funnel is a multi-faceted chat campaign designed to optimize the SQL yield of your existing funnel.

To design yours, identify the existing lead stages in your funnel. Next, design chatbots for each of these lead stages to help prospects take a relevant next step in your sales process.

A Chat Funnel is not just the chatbots on your site. It also incorporates a human sales process which we’ll dive into next.

The point is this: you need to have a way for your team to connect with qualified prospects on your site and guide them to a demo. The best way to do this is with a well-thought-out Chat Funnel.

In fact, the difference between a generic chatbot and a well-designed Chat Funnel can be as drastic as 1000%.

Will prospects really engage with a chatbot?

Now, if you're thinking that there is no way a qualified buyer in your market would have a conversation with a chatbot, you are completely mistaken.

If set up correctly, you should be able to turn 3%-8% of your site visitors into initial conversations.

There’s no way I’d trust a chatbot to have a conversation on my site. There are too many variables to our solution and there is a multitude of ways a conversation could go.

Now, if you're thinking there’s no way you’d let a chatbot have a conversation with a real prospect, your intuition is...correct!

Chatbots designed properly do not attempt to have full conversations or make jokes. Your chatbot’s purpose is to invite conversation with qualified prospects and route the conversation almost immediately to the right team.

Even with the most diligent sales development representative (SDR) manning your live-chat, without the first step of a proactive chatbot, you will miss out on conversations with qualified prospects who could be helped to a meeting.

Do you need a well-designed website to get results?

Not at all. Obviously, a well-designed page will increase results, but you will still get meaningful results without a beautiful page—it just needs to be presentable.

So this is the first step: if you use chatbots to capture and engage leads, you will significantly increase your overall conversion rate.

Okay, let’s get to step 2.

Step #2 - Develop a conversion mechanism to transition the chat to a demo.

Great, you’re chatting with a qualified prospect on your site.

Now, how do you turn that chat into a demo?

The idea is simple. After a couple of messages back and forth, the realization slowly sets in that a chat does have its limitations. A lot of communication is nonverbal. Your visitor will feel this.

This is the key moment and the answer to our question: A smart operator should suggest, “Would it be easier for you to speak briefly right now?” Brushing up to the limits of chat, this question is perceived as a breath of fresh air and a helpful suggestion to your visitor.

Make it simple by sharing a video-call link in the chat. Done well, you’ve just begun a discovery call within minutes.

Andrew from Mag-nificent used this strategy to go from no leads a month from live-chat to 25 high-quality leads a month without changing anything other than his chat strategy.  

If you can follow this method, you could get similar results.

How did he do it?

The classic email funnel vs. a Chat Funnel

As soon as someone began a chat with his chatbot, he received a notification. He’d watch the chat progress and at the right moment would jump in to take over.

At the key point in the conversation, he’d suggest taking the chat to a phone call.

The qualified visitor would agree and they’d hop on a call just leaving it to Andrew to close the deal. Using chat, Andrew secured more opportunities and connected with them faster.

The point is this: you can combine a chatbot with a simple sales chat conversion mechanism to get amazing results—all you need to do is chat with engaged, qualified visitors on your site.

Do qualified buyers really use chat?

Yes. A 2017 industry study showed that 41% of Executives, 20% of Directors, and 39% of Managers were using real-time messaging to start sales conversations.

For qualified prospects who most certainly will buy, sales chat will dramatically shorten their sales cycle. For qualified prospects who might buy, you will maximize your SQL conversion.

Do chats really turn into demos or meetings?

Yes. The trick is asking 2 or 3 simple, closed questions to know the basics of their situation. Then, shift gears to open-ended questions to best understand their specific pain or challenge. When you feel it would be easier to continue over a call, make the suggestion.

Does sales chat take a lot of time?

Not at all. Done well, your chatbot is connecting you with more and more qualified site visitors that turn into demos and clients. These 3-5 minute conversations take time but they generate revenue and make for time well spent. Once you've created a consistent Chat Funnel process, you can hire SDRs or interns to manage the process for you.

Once on a call with a site visitor, what should I discuss with them?

You could attempt to schedule a demo with an Account Executive—but there is a way to speed this up even more. The ideal operator should be able to give them an “instant demo” on the spot. It shouldn’t be a full, in-depth demo, but something that gets them further along in their journey. If you are able to connect these dots, you have just significantly shortened your sales cycle.

Step #3 - Duplicate the process with junior people.

Want to book more demos without spending a dime more on ads, making cold-calls, or hoping for Google to bless you with organic traffic?

Here’s the secret: Hire inexpensive junior people to have sales chat conversations with visitors on your site, then transition those chats to demos.

Michael Everts from SharedSpace used this strategy to go from 11 highly-qualified leads a month to more than 15 highly-qualified leads a month.

How did he do it?

He set up chatbots on his website to spark conversations with qualified site visitors. He designed a sales chat script to convert those conversations into demos. Then, he trained a junior sales rep, Charles, to handle the process for him.

It’s clever, efficient, and powerful.

The point is this: Use junior people to duplicate and scale the process. Then, watch as you book more demos, make sales faster, and grow sales as a result.

How do I get immediate results from junior people?

The secret is in the hiring and training process. We do something called high-velocity interviewing that allows us to bring in 3-4 new reps a week.

We use a job template, an interview template, and an offer template to do this.

Once the reps are hired, we put them through an intense, accelerated training program for two weeks. Within two weeks, reps are talking to real customers and making their first sales.

The key is to teach reps the proper way to sell using the script and the technology.

Nothing is left up to chance.

Everything is mapped out, so they can learn as quickly as possible and become proficient.

The point here is that once you are able to predictably generate sales chat conversations, you need to be able to get inexpensive people to close the sales for you.

You need to be able to hire fast, ramp up fast, and fire fast.

This is the only way you can scale up really, really quickly.

My product is complicated. There’s no way a junior person could close an account for us.

The truth is reps don’t need to have Ph.D.s in your respective field to sell your product.

You just need to give them a clear map.

If the reps need to think on their feet and solve problems all day, then you will have to hire someone really expensive.

But if you give them a step-by-step manual, then you will be able to hire inexpensive people to sell your product for you.

Writing a sales chat script sounds hard.

Not at all. There are a few steps, and if you follow them, your sales chat script and process will be absolutely lethal.

It takes me 2-3 months to ramp a new sales rep. I don’t have that kind of time.

Not at all. You usually can tell within the first week if the rep is going to be successful or not.

If he or she can follow instructions, then you have a winner.

If the rep has a hard time following instructions, then you should fire that person ASAP.

Won’t I have to pay my sales reps large salaries?

Nope. The truth is, if your sales chat script is good enough, you can pay them lower salaries, but give them a huge commission check if they do well.

2018 industry data from Matt Herman at Wavestaff Recruiting indicates that average compensation for inbound SDRs is $30k base with a $10k performance bonus for OTEs of $40k.

So the point here is to solve your lead generation and conversion process, then get junior people to sell your product for you, then duplicate the process with laser-tight hiring and training techniques.

So let me ask you a question:

Do you see if you were able to predictably and profitably generate chat conversations with qualified prospects on your site and convert them into demos with a Chat Funnel,

and do you see if you were able to hire and ramp junior, inexpensive salespeople to operate chat for you,

You too could grow your business extremely quickly?

You just need to follow these 3 steps.

From here, you have two options:

Option 1: The Hard Way

You can take this information and try this stuff on your own, but here’s the thing…

There are so many little things that you have to get right for your Chat Funnel to work.

And if you don’t get them right, you won’t get any results.

It could take you years to figure this stuff out on your own and by that time, you might have already run out of money.

Option 2: The Shortcut

Work with me and sign up for ConvoPanda Acquire.

I will help you crack the code to your conversation generation process, your sales process, and your duplication process.

This is my specialty: you will get results a lot faster.

You will be able to predictably and profitably generate more leads and demos for you or your sales team using your existing sales and marketing funnel.

This will allow you to attract larger customers and better talent to join your team.

You will be able to close your leads at a rate greater than 5% using a high-conversion sales chat process.

You will be able to hire junior people to sell your product or your service for you.

This will allow you to stay extremely profitable as you scale up.

You will save hundreds of thousands of dollars and years figuring this stuff out on your own.

Your business will grow with more predictability, allowing you to plan and act with confidence.

If you are raising money, you will have a much easier time proving to investors that your business is worth it.

Now again, who is this course for?

If you’ve built your marketing funnel and are consistently generating leads and demos but know you’re leaving opportunity on the table, this is for you.

If you already have traction and you are looking for ways to accelerate growth, this is for you.

If you are a marketing or sales leader responsible for hitting a quota of MQLs or SQLs each month and you need new and better ways to reach your goals, this is for you.

Now, working with me is not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

The problems I help my clients solve are the million-dollar problems.

Now, I’m not saying I’m charging millions of dollars for my services.

But my point is that if you are considering working with me, there is an investment.

Here’s how it works:

We start by jumping on a strategy call so I can learn about your business and your current situation.

This strategy call will take around 30 minutes.

In this call, we will put together a strategy to help you generate leads, convert accounts, and grow your business.

Here is what we will cover:

  1. Isolating your existing funnel to serve as a model for your Chat Funnel.
  2. Chat Funnel architecture and economic benchmarks.
  3. Generating demos with sales chat as a function of qualified visitors to your site.
  4. Converting conversations into demos with sales chat scripts and the sales chat follow up process.
  5. Optimizing and using technology to make your sales chat engine efficient.
  6. Monitoring and testing your Chat Funnel.

Once you schedule your call, you will be shot to an application page where you will fill out a short questionnaire.

Next steps:

So if this is you, go ahead and book a call and fill out an application.

I can’t work with everyone, and I’m doing about 15 strategy sessions a month.

So don’t delay if you need this problem solved.

So who is this not for?

This isn’t for people who are just curious and are not serious about solving this problem. This is for people with a clear offer and who are focused on getting to the next level.

This isn’t for people who are stuck in information gathering mode. I work best with people who can pull triggers, make decisions, and have big goals.

If you have trouble making decisions, then I’m going to be upfront with you and tell you that we’re probably not a good fit.

This isn’t for people who are super rigid either. I work best with people who are open to trying new ideas and are willing to try things that might be outside their comfort zone.

So click the link, schedule a call, and complete your application. It only takes a few minutes.

This will be the first step to unlocking explosive growth in your business.