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Harry Whelchel

Cherie Kloss from Instastaff is using our methodologies to get cold prospects knocking down her door.

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STEP 1: Watch Testimonial Video
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Harry Whelchel: All right everyone. We've got Cherie Kloss from Snap Med Tech here. We're just going to talk a little bit about some work we've doing for them. I want to kick it off Cherie, just tell us a little bit about what Snap Med Tech is.

Cherie Kloss: All right. Well I'm CEO as he said of a company called Snap Med Tech, which has a bunch of software products for the agency business. One of them is a booking and payment platform that helps agencies find on demand workers to fill empty shifts really easily and also pay them at the end of their shift instantly. It helps agencies make about 3.5% more profit margin on each bookings, so it's a valuable tool to put in agency's hands to manage their PRN per diem staff, as well as their W-2 staff as well.

Cherie Kloss: We were having problems a little bit with just managing the HR force even within our own team as far as taking call on weekends and answering all the hundreds of calls that come in every day and through the weekend, and reached out to Harry to help us manage all the leads that were coming in because we were falling short on following through on the leads that would come in, so contacted Harry at Convo Panda.

Harry Whelchel: Awesome. Yeah, so basically there's all these nurses, these people coming into the platform to be credentialed, so we came in and we helped streamline some of that process. What were some of the specific things that we worked on together? Do you remember any of the specific campaigns?

Cherie Kloss: Yes. Well some of the leads that would come in would just be when they were inquiring about our platform or how it works, and they were always the same three questions, you know what is this, how does it work, how do we get started. It seemed kind of silly to pay someone $15 to $18 to sit up there on the phone answering the same three questions over again. It seems like in today's day and age using text messaging or getting a quick answer via bots was the right answer to get a really quick answer to a really basic question. We placed, Harry used intercom on our website to capture all the leads and they went straight, most of them were answered automatically by the answers that were set up that Harry put together for us, that we helped him with the automatic answers that would shoot out as far as like how do I get signed up, oh go to the website and click on blah blah blah.

Cherie Kloss: Well that helped us decrease the number of hours that we needed for our workers to be around the clock answering the phone 24 hours a day to really just managing the really important phone calls that came in and divert their attention to bigger things like sales and marketing. I think that what Convo Panda did for us was help us manage all the leads really, which it's a great problem to have, but even that one lead that you let slip through could've been a big one. Now that we're capturing every single person that lands on the website, it's really helped our business grow and also help us manage who's handling what lead and not letting anything fall through the cracks in addition to immediately being able to answer and know who has a question and just answer it through our phone on the intercom app. That's been a really helpful piece of technology for us in terms of lead capture.

Harry Whelchel: That's awesome. Yeah, tell me a little bit about, I know we talked, you mentioned briefly the other day about how maybe you guys were doing weekend shifts. Are you guys, what happened with those?

Cherie Kloss: Yeah. We were having weekend shifts where we were paying actually overtime, as is required by law after 40 hours, to our employees, which was ending up being pretty good amount of money, $25 an hour or so, for someone to just literally be answering the same three questions on Saturday and Sunday on the phone and in emails. So by having the intercom bot, only those questions that were not answered by the three main questions kind of came through to our cell phones so we can immediately answer on our cell phone without having someone on call 24 hours a day. That's saved us already, if you think about ... Well we had them working 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday, so 24 hours of overtime every single week was saved by using the Convo Panda system.

Harry Whelchel: That's awesome. Well Great. Would you guys work with us again in the future if you could?

Cherie Kloss: Yeah, absolutely. In fact, we're actually now beginning to implement different marketing strategies. Now that we've seen one of them work really well, we want to keep moving forward and adding more and more pieces of intercom to other parts of our technology. We're super happy with the work that Convo Panda has done. They always tell us what they're going to do and deliver on time, and they give us a list of what they will deliver and for a price that never alters or changes. We can always expect what Harry quotes you will be the quote that ends up being the quote. If you want extra services, he'll be very clear with how much those extra services will cost.

Cherie Kloss: We were super happy with Harry. We initially had like a very short stint plan that was 30 days that keeps extending another 30 days, and then another 30 days. It's definitely something that will improve your profit margins significantly, even though it's a bit of a upfront cost that you may think you might not need, you end up saving thousands of dollars way more in the long run. It's definitely worth just go ahead and and eating the technology costs because technology can replace some of those HR headaches that you might encounter in your business.

Harry Whelchel: That's awesome. Well, thanks so much Cherie. Anything else you want to add?

Cherie Kloss: No, just you were always pleasant and very easy to work with, so we're very happy to keep engaging.

Harry Whelchel: Great. Well thanks so much. That's great. Appreciate it.

Cherie Kloss: You're welcome.